Child Help Line
Help Line Number: - 888 888 52 88
is probably the most ambitious project initiated and undertaken by IT SYSTEMS. The need for such thinking and undertaking such a project arose out of a serious problem our country is facing today, the problem of missing children.

Thousands of child missing cases are registered each day, many are never found. A lot of children are lost at public places like Railway station, Bus stand. The increasing population of our country is just adding to the problem.

A lot of children are kidnapped and used as slaves or sex workers. What we found in our research is that a lot of children are kidnapped and forced to work resulting in child labour. It's really sad that a child is forced to work in his childhood when he should be playing, having fun and learning new things.

Day by day the number of threats for children is increasing. A child is not safe on his own and some anti-social elements take advantage of this.

To solve this serious problem, we came up with a simple solution, a Child Help Line service.

What is this Child Help Line service?
Child Help Line is a service which will help the child contact and find his parents if the child is lost or is found in some trouble. If a child is lost even for a short while, both the parent and the child go through a mental trauma. This happens because the child doesn’t remember anything, his address, his parent’s phone number etc. But using the Child Help Line service, your child will be able to contact you even if he doesn’t remember anything and that also within a short period of time.

How will a child find his parents?
One thing a child remembers is his own first name (Rahul, Ajay, Sneha). Using the child’s name, the Child Help Line service will help the child find his parents.
We will collect information of all children from their School and store it in our computer. Using our software we will link the child’s name to his parent’s number, his address and other details so that parents can be contacted immediately if their child is in trouble or goes missing.

Rahul Salunke Fathers Name: - Yash Salunke
Fathers Number: - 9021765734
Mothers Name: - Smita Salunke
Mothers Number: - 9021765734
Address: - Flat No. 4 Akashdeep Building, Perri Road, Khadki Pune Maharashtra 411003

Suppose a child is lost and is noticed by a person. The person who finds the child will either take him to the police station or call our help line. The police or the person who found the child will ask the child his name, call our help line (888 888 52 88), and tell us the child's name.

We will enter the child's name in our software and find out his details.

We will immediately inform his parents that their child is found in so and so place to so and so person.

Even if the person who found the child calls us himself, we will still inform the police. We will give the police the location where the child was found and the child’s parent’s number so that the police can contact the child’s parents and verify.

Thus using this service, a child will be able to contact his parents immediately even if he doesn’t remember any of his parents contact details.

Usefulness of this service
This service will be extremely useful in crowded places. As India is a populous country with 125 crore people, public places like bus stands, railway stations are heavily crowded. Same is the case in Diwali, Christmas and Idd. In such heavily crowded places, a child is safe only till his hand is held by his parents.
When we are in a new place, we ourselves find it difficult to travel and when a child is lost in a new place while travelling, it becomes even more difficult to find a child as we ourselves do not know anything about that new place.
Implementing this service would also induce fear in the mind of anti – social elements that kidnap children. The reason being, a child, when doesn’t feel safe, makes noise and grabs attention of people around him, and with the awareness of this service among people, there is a high possibility of getting hold of these anti – social elements that kidnap children. With the awareness of this service among people, children who are kidnapped can also be traced back.
A permanent link
Apart from all this, the most useful thing that this service will provide is, it will establish a permanent link between a parent and a child. A child will be able to contact his parent from any part of the globe.
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